Transactional emails from one of the largest email-marketing services in the CIS — countries

Personal emails for your customers

Email campaigns versus transactional emails

Email campaigns

  • the same letter to all customers
  • customer behavior is irrelevant
  • some emails go to spam
  • email campaign conversion ~ 1%

Transactional emails

  • personal email
  • according to the user’s behaviour
  • better and faster delivery
  • personal email conversion – 90%

UniOne in figures

  • 5
    million emails per hour
  • 99.8
    % emails delivery rate
  • $0.5
    for 1 000 emails*
Emails per month (in millions)Price for 10 000 emails
0 - 0,5 5$
0,5 - 14$
1 - 2,5 3$
2,5 - 52$
more 5 1$

UniOne features


Instant sending - 5 Mill. emails per hour.

Easy to start

Convenient sending via WebAPI.


Individual emais using Velocity.


Subscriber data is stored on your servers.

Full statistics

Statistics of delivery, readings and clicks through WebHook.


Support 24/7.

UniOne vs other services

Pricefrom 1$* per 10 0004-8$ per 10 000from 1$ per 10 000
FunctionalityWebhooksMail channel, Statistics of delivery, readings and clicks, Dynamic content in templatesMail channel
Flexibility (additional works) YesNoNo
Support via phone24/7NoSupport is ordered individually within the framework of Amazon Web Services (including paid tariff plans)
Support via email24/7 (English, Russian)Mon-Fr, 9:17:00 UTC -5 (English) English

*more emails – lower price

How to start?


These companies use UniOne

More than 3000 clients use UniOne. Among them:


  • Why transactional emails are effective for my business?

    Email are naturally effective if they´re being  sent right after user actions. An email campaigns’ conversion is 10% in average, while transactional letters’ get a click rate of up to 90%.
    UniOne helps to reduce costs. You don’t need to pay tens thousands of dollars to maintain infrastructure and administrator.

  • Is UniOne API analogue to mandrill API and Amazon SES API?

    UniOne is cheaper and has good delivery through CIS countries. It has English-speaking support. UniOne tracks readings and clisks, Amazon doesn’t have this function. If you need to estimate email-marketing results – use UniOne.

  • What is transactional emails?

    Transactional emails – emails are sent in response to a user action for example, a password reset or confirmation of registration. They should be sent as quickly as possible and almost always contain different data for each letter.

  • Why is it dangerous/inefficient to use a free SMTP for emails or make your own SMTP server?

    It’s too expensive. You can compare it to the creation of a website: either you keep the server park in your office, or you use an external hosting. UniOne is like external hosting here.

  • What is SMTP server?

    An SMTP server — is a mail server that supports only sending email. An SMTP server is not POP3 server. SMTP is a widely used network protocol for sending emails on TCP/IP networks.

  • Can I rent an SMTP server through UniOne??

    UniOne — is a product of UniSender. You can rent an SMTP server through the UniSender user cabinet.

  • Do I get a dedicated SMTP server while using UniOne?

    No. Your email will be sent via good pools of SMTP servers from UniSender. This will ensure high delivery rate  starting with the first letters. If you need to send via dedicated SMTP you can rent it additionally.



Transactional emails from one of the largest email-marketing services in the CIS — countries